These twins were born on 13th/September/2010 and are now 7 years old. They are orphans whose father passed on six years back due to HIV/AIDS. There mother too is HIV positive but the twins are negative. Babirye is in primary one whereas Nakato is in Top class. They all go to Nkumba Preparatory Primary School in Nkumba village. Babirye Veronica wants to be an accountant when she grows up and Nakato Ritah wants to be a nurse and care for people when she grows up.

Abbo Stella (The mother)

Abbo Stella is 36 years old. She lives with all her five children all born to her late husband in a single roomed rental in Kisembi village. The children are all below eighteen years of age. She is HIV positive and a widow too. She never got a chance to go to school in her life. She is the sole breadwinner in the home, providing necessities to both herself and the five children including safe water, food, education, clothing, beddings, electricity and medical attention for the entire household. She is the primary influence to all these children’s lives.

Abbo Stella works with Wagagai Flowers Limited, Monday to Saturday every week of the year in the Flower Harvesting Department. She holds a position as a general worker. Despite the fact that she has worked with this company now fourteen years, the pay is still very low to effectively meet all the demands that are under her roof. However much one doubles labor given, the pay continues to go down.

Concerning See Them Grow Foundation (STGF)

She is grateful to STGF for stretching out a helping hand to help some of her children attain quality education. She has great hope that surely her children’s studies will go on non-stop and

these children in return, will help us all in future. She thanks STGF for helping out because independently, she would not completely manage.