Like in many countries with a history of gender inequality, women in Uganda have a lower average annual income than men, are less likely to own land or property, are often forced to abandon their education due to pregnancy or poverty and are more likely to work in jobs requiring manual labor. Through the Women Economic Empowerment Project, we create economic opportunities for young women between the ages of 15 and 32 years to become economically self-sufficient, improve female health and wellness, and empower young women to challenge traditional gender disparities. Women can build confidence and valuable vocational skills. STGF builds safe and supportive spaces for the women and girls to develop their business ventures.

This project is aimed at enabling women in decision-making, increment in income and asset ownership. We believe that increasing financial inclusion and teaching financial literacy empowers poor & rural women to take control of their livelihoods and their lives. We do this through:

Counseling & Mental Health

This program focuses on empowering all young girls and women regardless of their education status by establishing teen to parent counseling services to assist young mothers facing increased stressors that may result in depression, anxiety, interpersonal violence, and risk of child abuse and neglect. We also offer ongoing group-based therapy with weekly meetings focused on special topics including trauma, healthy relationships, depression and anxiety, self-esteem, attachment and bonding, and effective co-parenting.

Women clubs are used as safe spaces for young girls and women to meet once a week. These club meetings encourage girls & women to discuss their struggles and other sensitive topics surrounding their gender inequality. They also participate in activities such as craft-making, reusable sanitary pad making, meditation, music, dance, and drama. The goal of this project is to provide young girls and women with the skills to be brave, resilient and help them thrive in a patriarchal environment.

Skills Training & Entrepreneurship 

Through this project young entrepreneurs, most of whom are teenage mothers, are offered Vocational training skills in different fields, comprehensive business training, customized individual mentorship, and relationship networking opportunities. The women also participate in women clubs and sexual reproductive health rights workshops. After vocational skills training, we provide micro loans, training and support services to teenage mothers, young girls, and women so that they can engage in income producing activities and use their business profits to improve household living conditions for themselves and their families.


To create safe spaces for young girls, teenage mothers, and women to grow and learn from their experiences, exchange knowledge and healthy and lasting relationships.


Impart knowledge, develop attitude, skills, and a sense of responsibility that enables students to take necessary actions towards self-improvement and social and economic empowerment.


A generation of women and young girls that are not afraid to speak up, share ideas and innovative ways of being self-sustainable.