(MINNEAPOLIS, MN) On Saturday, November 3rd 2018 our community will welcome friends from across the globe for See Them Grow Foundation’s 1st Annual “Donor’s Dinner”evening held at the beautiful and historic (circa 1930’s) Jax Cafe in Northeast Minneapolis.

“We are honored to invite the local community to an amazing night of giving at our Donor’s Dinner event.  We welcome the community to join in the journey of our travels, celebrate the ground-breaking of our See Them Grow Foundation school, and be a part of giving to those most in need in East Africa.  Thanks to the many who attended and gave generously through our gala evening last year, we were able to purchase the land site in the Luuka District of Uganda, where we will begin the process of building a school.  Right now, the children are attending class while sitting on benches outdoors.  {See picture included} We want to create a space that provides shelter from the elements, so that the children and teaching team can focus on studies rather than the traffic driving by, or the insects circling their heads.  It is our belief that every child should have access to education.  We absolutely cannot wait to see what this year’s Donor’s Dinner will bring the children of Luuka.  Our goal is to raise $100,000, and we are hopeful that with the support of our local communities, universities, corporate sponsors and small businesses – we will reach, if not exceed our goals,” said Founder, Morgan Kisitu.

Past trip goer and board member, Katie Iossi, chimed in on her experience in Uganda.

“Uganda is a beautiful country full of wonder and hope. I so clearly see God in action in Uganda, and throughout this organization. The hope is real. During my experiences in Uganda, I was mostly inspired by the children.  With every interaction I have had with the kids, I am always amazed by their level of respect, how well-mannered they are, and what a deep hunger they all have for learning. This school will not just provide the kids in the Luuka district the opportunity to learn in a more ideal setting, but will provide them the opportunity to learn while dreaming of a better future.  The ripple effect that the STGF school will have will serve for generations to come.  It is my belief that education is the cornerstone for all great change.  We wouldn’t miss it!  My family is attending The Donor’s Dinner to learn more about the ways we can get further involved, and be a part of giving back to the children of Luuka.  We can’t wait to be a part of the evening with our friends, and do our part in helping to fulfill See Them Grow Foundation’s mission,” said Katie Iossi.

This black tie event will be a great mix of socializing, entertainment, guest speakers, raffle prizes, and learning about the great things that STGF is working on and the progress that is being made in Uganda.For more information, please visit  for more information, and to reserve your tickets.  Space is limited for this special engagement.