In partnership with Luena Foundation, STGF held a groundbreaking ceremony for a new classroom block “Luena Training Center on 6th February 2022. This classroom block will serve as SGTF’s vocational training center for over 250 teenage mothers, PWDs and youth in Luuka district. In the future, it will enable up to 1500 teenage mothers, PWDs and youths to get all the skills they need to help themselves and stand on their own two feet – for themselves and for their families. We believe that the vocational training center will provide incredible added value for the population.

Running a good vocational school is a very important project for us. To make this initiative a reality, we have started a “buy a brick, build a school” campaign for the vocational institute and we have broken down the procurement into smaller steps, so that donors have a better idea of what building the school will cost.

Overview of donation breakdown

    • Classroom block and workshop at a cost of each $6,000
    • Classroom wall at a cost of $500 each
    • 1 x dining room at a cost of $20,000
    • 1 x kitchen at a cost of $ 20,000
    • 1 x sanitary facilities / water at a cost of $38,000
    • 1 x Classroom door at a cost of $250 each
    • 1 x Window at a cost of $150 each