Once again, the See Them Grow Foundation is delighted to have had Ms. Stephanie Morandi Demouveaux, a board member together with Ms. Stella Giordano, an inspired friend and workmate to Stephanie volunteer for one week in Luuka! Together, we had a time of interaction with orphans, disabled children, other vulnerable children, youths, widows, widowers, single/teenage mothers, persons with disability and the elderly. It was a time of inspiring, re-energizing, motivating and empowering as we tapped into the daily life experiences of every category people as they carry on their lives on a daily basis. The volunteering http://seethemgrow.org/newsite/1572014561749/support-us/volunteering/ program has helped STGF to bond the Luuka community to the global world and we are not yet to stop.

Send our regards to your families and friends Stella and Steph. Forever, we will cherish the times you have involved yourselves for the good of this vulnerable population. Merci beaucoup!!!