Nanyange Immaculate and Nanyonjo Catherine are orphans initially from Kiboga district where they used to live with both parents (mum and dad). Immaculate is eight years old and Catherine is six years old. The late father to these beautiful girls was called Kaloli ziwa. He passed on four and half years ago and their mother disappeared after she dropped them to Nanyombi Teddy (the elder sister to their late father) in Kisembi-Nkumba village in Wakiso district. Since then, the guardians to these children, whether have never heard from the mother to these children, whether she is still alive of not, nobody knows. In this year 2017, Nanyange Immaculate is 8 years old and in primary two class. Nanyonjo Catherine Gloria is 6 years old and in Top class. They are all at Nkumba Preparatory School in Kisembi-Nkumba village.

About Nanyombi Teddy (The Guardian)

About Nanyombi Teddy, the main guardian to these children is aged 67. About her education, she never completed primary level. She bore ten children in her life though seven are still alive but have their own families now. Mrs. Nanyombi Teddy is a homemaker. Sometimes she fries cassava for sale to sustain her family though still the situation has completely failed to shift to a minimum standard of living. There is no one with a stable livelihood and they are all heavily constrained in the home. She is married to Mr. Lule Mulisio. Together with him, they take care of the seven children (not their biological children) who are all below 18 years of age.  All the seven children are for relatives, no child she bore in the home stays with them and she has to make all ends meet for a better life to these children. She fights on to ensure that children in the home have what to eat by searching for food all round to give them.

Before See Them Grow Foundation (STGF) took the step to sponsor two of the children, both madam Nansana (another auntie to the children) and Nanyombi Teddy have been the most influential people in promoting these children’s rights to come to realty like clothing, food, shelter, healthcare and education. However, the major obstacle towards towards adequately providing these necessities has been absence of decent work/job to do, particularly to get school fees for these children.

When asked about why she would seek assistance for STGF in particular sponsorship for these two children, this is what Nanyombi Teddy said

“siyina  busobozi, abaana banaku,emirimu tewali ate naamanyi gankedeelaa. Abengganda  abandinyambyeko ku baana bano babeera wala naffe ate nga mbagaliza okusoma okulungi. Njagala abaana abo basome bamaleko kubanga taata wabwe yali musajja mugezi.nekilala nabo banaaba basobola okutuyamba mu maaso eyo. Essuubi lino lyenina linsidikiriza okubagaliza ennyo okusoma.

Literally meaning “I do not have the ability, these children are orphans, no work to do and earn and still, I have grown weak. Our relatives who would be of help to these children stay very far away yet I wish these children quality regular education. I would like these children to study and graduate because even their father was a bright man. Next, the children will be able to help us in the time to come. This hope that I have stimulates me to want them to study.”

With the availability of more funds to STGF, children are transferred and put in better schools where they are holistically equipped to be better people.