Nassonko and Justine and Baazinge Steven are a couple living in a rental (single room) in Kisembi-Nkumba village, Entebbe in Wakiso district in central Uganda. Mr. Baazinge Steven, the father of the children is aged thirty with temporary work as a mason whereas Miss. Nassonko Justine is a homemaker aged twenty five. Concerning the meant to be breadwinner in the home (the man), the wife is disappointed in him in that he does not want to work hard enough. Sometimes when he does get some work to do, money does not reach home or he is not paid at all which has made it impossible for him to afford the school dues for the children. The available little money got can only help raise food at home and immediate basic necessities for the children like clothing, soap, safe water, buying drugs in case of an illness and paying monthly rent.

The mother to the children, despite her being a youth, with all the strength embedded 2in her, she faces a great challenge of having no livelihood at all. She dropped out of school while in lower primary and started to bear children at a teenage age. Worse to this, she has no personal skill to earn her an income and her family. Together with her partner and their four children, they live is a small single roomed rental that accommodates all of them and their property. She faces financial constraints on a daily basis. However, occasionally, she gets some work to do or labour to offer from the surrounding neighbours that in return, she is able to receive some pay (money) to support her children too. The children are vulnerable due to the economic constraint faced by their parents to access quality education.

Currently (2017), the three children are at St. James Parents’ school found in Nkumba-Kisembi. Jackie is in primary three class, Jonah is in primary two class and Jacinter is in middle class Though one of the pre-primary and primary schools in the area, the education standard is inadequate. Due to these hardships, they seek See Them Grow Foundation (STGF) assist their three children to attain their right to education adequately. With the availability of more funds to STGF, children are transferred and put in better schools where they are holistically equipped to be better people