Namugambe Pauline is eleven years old. She was born on 9th/November/2006. She is in Primary five at Nkumba Preparatory Primary School. Pauline wants to be a nurse when she grows up to treat and care fro people. They are sisters with Peace Recky who is in Top Class at the same school. Peace wants to be a business woman in future. She wishes to own a big hair and Beauty Parlor shop.

Nankumba Harriet (The mother)

She is a single mother of seven though she lives with the four young ones. The father to the children sold the land in Zana-Entebbe where they used to stay as a family. Pauline used to study from Zana Parents but due to selling away of the home that they used to live in, everything became a struggle. The man (known as Musisi Deo) left them and took all the money with him to live with another woman. By then, Peace was eighteen months old. Harriet shifted with some of her children to Kisembi-Nkumba village. So far it’s been five years since the father to the children separated from them. Harriet does not get any support from paternal side, nobody cares at all. Ever since, the mother to these children ahs been struggling to provide for her family. But now, heavily constrained by the growing needs of her family.

Concerning See Them Grow Foundation

Nankumba Harriet wishes all her children a bright future though she lacks the capacity to put her wish to realty. It really builds her hope when one of her children (Pauline) encourages her to as she will build her a good house a future. She is grateful to STGF extending such wonderful support to her children. She feels relieved at heart!