She is twelve years old. She was born on 5th/05/2005. She is in primary five at St. Dennis Kigero primary School. They stay with their grandmother who is the mother to their late mum (she was called Nakato Salimah). Lunkuse’s father’s whereabouts are not known. The guardian last saw him when this child was one year old. Since then, she takes care of the child single handedly. Lunkuse wants to be a teacher when she grows up.

About Namiiro Margret

She is aged 53. She separated with her husband 30 years back. Some of her children passed on but four are still alive. Of the four, one of the big boys stays with them at home. He usually provides casual labor on construction sites to help mother provide for the family. She is the grandmother/caretaker of all the children mentioned above. Initially, the children and her used to collect firewood from nearby bushes for sale. But, due to many incidences of women being killed that have spread in Katabi Sub-county in Entebbe municipality-Wakiso district, they stopped doing so. She has a tap and sells water to neighbors and some rentals for income. In the home, they are fifteen in number. The 9 are below age of 18, dropped to her their parents after which they disappear, living the children to her. She faces financial constraints in trying to avail all the necessities to children under her roof. The paternal ide to these kid does not render any support to her at all. She currently has no ability to sustain these children in school and yet, she enjoys to see them go to school and grow from one level to another.