Eseza Babirye is a compassionate and dedicated admin at See Them Grow Foundation. Born and raised in Luuka District, Uganda, Eseza has a deep connection to her community and a strong passion for working with teenage mothers and single mothers.

As a mother herself, Eseza understands the unique challenges faced by young and single mothers in Luuka District. Her empathy and advocacy skills makes her work tirelessly to support and empower women in need.

Eseza is also a mentor under Global Glow, a program that focuses on empowering and mentoring young girls to reach their full potential. She is committed to guiding and nurturing the next generation of female leaders, and her mentorship skills are highly regarded.

In addition to her administrative role and mentorship activities, Eseza is an advocate for women’s rights, using her voice and influence to promote gender equality and empower women in her community. She is passionate about creating positive change and providing opportunities for women to thrive.

Apart from her work at See Them Grow Foundation and Global Glow, Eseza also enjoys music, advocacy, and sports. Her hobbies reflect her multifaceted personality and her commitment to using different avenues to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Eseza’s unwavering dedication to empowering teenage mothers and single mothers, her advocacy for women’s rights, her role as a mentor under Global Glow, and her diverse interests. Passion for creating positive change in Luuka District and her commitment to the foundation’s mission are evident in all aspects of her work.