Daphne has a BA in Secondary Education in Foreign Languages with a specialty in French, and a minor in American Cultural Studies.

After having worked in an internet-based company in Minneapolis, MN, as customer services representative, she went to China to teach English, and is now currently working for the British Council in Beijing.

Plagued by restlessness and curiosity, she is always exploring and travelling, and incessantly asking questions; furthermore, she likes to stay active, her ultimate love being soccer, followed by rock climbing and canoeing.

After spending a couple months in Uganda, she fell in love with the weather, the people, the music and all the secrets and potential that the Pearl of Africa has to offer. Ideally, she hopes to find a way to use funding from socially responsible businesses in the corporate world to not only foster cultural diversity and cross cultural awareness through tourism and volunteering, but further to educate the underprivileged, to empower the vulnerable, and to cultivate self sustainability in all aspects.