See Them Grow Foundation ‘s Phase II is to raise $37,000 for land to help us build a school in Uganda for the orphaned children . Our goal is to to provide a better way of life for the some of most vulnerable children in Uganda by offering  education to orphaned children.

We just accomplished raising funds for our Phase I and we are in the process of purchasing the 50 acres of land. This land will be sufficient to build a home and school structures and also provide additional space where vulnerable children will have an opportunity to plant and harvest crops in their after school programs to raise funds for their high school education.  Phase III will be focused on building dormitories, classroom facilities and staff quarters. Phase III will include student dormitories, a kitchen and some common areas.

We would like to ask you to contribute to our project by making a donation. We suggest donating one day of your daily wage. You can also donate an amount equivalent to one day of average cost of an education of a US child, which is approximately $60, (in Uganda $60 dollars is the yearly cost of education per child). Any financial contribution will help to reach our goal.

Please read more details about our project fundraising phases at