Willy Kasogoya is a native of Luuka District, Uganda, born and raised in the community he serves. He is currently the Youth Coordinator at See Them Grow Foundation, where he plays a crucial role in empowering and mentoring young people in the region. With a deep passion for youth empowerment, Willy has been actively involved in coaching soccer, managing youth projects, and serving as a mentor to numerous young individuals.

Willy’s commitment to his community is evident in his unwavering dedication to uplifting the lives of young people in Luuka District. Through his work at See Them Grow Foundation, he has been instrumental in designing and implementing programs that aim to improve the socio-economic well-being of youth, including vocational training, leadership development, and mentorship initiatives.

In addition to his youth coordination role, Willy is also an avid soccer enthusiast and enjoys coaching soccer teams in the local community. He believes that sports, particularly soccer, can be a powerful tool for positive social change, providing young people with opportunities to learn important life skills, build self-confidence, and develop a sense of belonging and teamwork.

Outside of his professional work, Willy has a keen interest in music, movies, and is known for his unwavering passion for his community in Luuka. He is a dedicated advocate for youth empowerment and is committed to making a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of young people in his community.

With his wealth of experience, passion for youth empowerment, and deep connection to the Luuka community, Willy Kasogoya is a driving force behind the See Them Grow Foundation’s efforts to create positive change in the lives of youth in Luuka District and beyond.