Namugenyi Norrine is 6 years old. She was born on 21st/November/2010. She is primary one at Great Angels Infant School. Norrine wants to be a nurse in future. This is because nurses treat people, something she enjoys to do. Their mother is called Nalwanga Irene. The father (Late Edward Ssebuuma) passed on last year due to an illness.

About Nalwanga Irene

She is a widow aged 38. She is the mother to the two children above. They stay in a home of her late husband in a residential house he constructed for them. They have a tap at home and electricity, she pays the bills. She completed senior four and was certified with a Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) certificate. She sustains her family by selling samosas and hawks them around Kisembi to be able to buy necessities in the home for herself, children, pay water and electricity. Sometimes the relatives on the maternal side render financial support for food for the children. Through her sales, she is only able to achieve what can buy them (the children and herself) food and home needs. She is heavily financially constrained in ensuring that her children fully enjoy their right to education. During some terms, they have not been getting their report cards due to failure of completion of school dues.

About See Them Grow Foundation (STGF)

Because she would like her children to study and complete successfully, and be better people in future, she seeks STGF to help her and support her children. She believes that when a child grows up, minus being guided well, he or she does not become a responsible person in society. STGF has taken up the two youngest children to sponsor.