Byaruhanga Joseph is four years old and his birthday is 23rd/February/2013. He was born in Kyaterekera Buwolo-Kagadi in Kibaale district to the late Mr. Mukisa Isaiah, who was a son to Margaret Namirimu, now, the guardian to Joseph. He is now in Baby class at Talemwa Junior School, one of the good pre-schools in Nkumba village. Together with the family of the guardian, they live in Kisembi-Nkumba village.

About Namirimu Margaret

She is the grandmother and guardian to Joseph. She is 48 years old and married. She has full responsibility over the child’s necessities like food, clothing, paying medical bills and education. She, too, is an orphan with both parents dead. In addition to that, her son, who was born in 1992 (the father to Joseph) passed on early this year. She has one child (a girl) who is above eighteen but she recently left home to rent a room for herself as she searches around for work to do to improve her life status. This girl dropped out of school without completing senior four due to mum’s financial constraints. She learnt the skill of building from the father and usually, she works on construction sites.

Mrs. Margaret Namirimu is a farmer. Often she requests for people’s vacant land spaces to grow some foods as she sells off some for surplus. She has no land or any property of her own. Where they reside, they were assigned to keep the house and the surrounding premises. This came about because the husband is a builder. So, in the due course of constructing the building, he was allowed to watch over it or stay there by the owner. The entire family does not have land on their own.

What she says about Joseph Byaruhanga

Initially he had not started school at all and she had no hope either. But now, See Them Grow Foundation (STGF) supported him to study. The grandchild (Joseph) loves the school and he studies well. She was paralysed on hearing about the sad news about the death of Joseph’s dad and also the fact that he was also her son, her only son. Later on, Joseph was brought to live with her and she wondered how to nurture this nice boy with no stable livelihood or skills to earn her some income.

Concerning STGF

Because of the sponsorship from See Them Grow Foundation to her children, she believes her late son’s prayers have surely been answered because he was surely a prayerful man. She is grateful to STGF and all the partners therein for the beautiful offer of ensuring that Joseph gets quality education. She prays so much that God blesses See Them Grow Foundation.