All over the world, it is only news when a girl child is raped, neglected, abused, or abandoned; but it is NO NEWS when a boy child is sodomized, abused, neglected, or abandoned. There have been increased cases of sexual harassment, abuse, neglect, and abandonment of the boy child; many of which ends up unreported due to ignorance. This situation has made the boy child lag behind; as people believe that it’s only the girl child who is vulnerable and needs attention, care and support.

This has therefore led the vulnerable, orphaned, uneducated, poor, homeless, needy, neglected, abandoned and frustrated boy child to streets, others to outlawed sects,  criminal activities, drug and substance abuse, violence while others have been misused by rebel leaders such as Joseph Kony in Uganda .

The aim of this program is to assist all boys despite their background to make life choices that lead to their improved skills in relating with women, girls and one another through planned self-care and positive interaction with girls as well as increased community participation.

Our goal is to challenge certain gender stereotypes and behaviors which perpetuate and heighten violent behaviors towards women and girls by boys and men. The program models young boys to become change agents in reducing sexual violence and abuse against women and girls. The focus is to guide their behavior by increasing skills in understanding and appreciating differences in the opposite gender and enhancing relationship skills. This is important because by improving healthy relationships between males and females, the possibility of correcting some harmful stereotypes and promoting mutual relationships between genders increases.

The main beneficiaries of the program are:

Teenagers and youth between ages 12 and 21 years
Teenage and youth boys up to 31 years
In school and out of schoolboys

Through Counseling 

We provide support for young men facing everyday challenges, difficulties adjusting to life’s changes, and adverse experiences or trauma that impact healthy development and growth.

Through Soccer 

Soccer is used as a vehicle to bring about positive social change for children in Luuka district. STGF seeks to improve children’s lives by mobilizing, educating, and empowering them through soccer/football. This project takes a fun and educational approach to changing hygiene and sanitation practices through football.  Given its broad appeal, football will be used as an entry point for a combination of training, workshop, and community awareness- raising events aimed at influencing more than 3,000 boys working in sugarcane plantations.

Skills Training 

Through skills training we aim to increase employment and earnings opportunities for targeted young men & youths through informal technical skills training and business support services. The project addresses the skills mismatch of youth by engaging training providers and private sector employers to offer training and work experience to targeted young men & youth.


To encourage a generation of boys and young men that do not fit into the negative stereotype and can make the conscious decision to do and be better within society.


impart knowledge, develop attitude, skills, and a sense of responsibility that enables students to take necessary actions towards becoming better individuals.


A society where young men can work together to provide a safe environment for young girls and women to work hand in hand in improving their communities and livelihoods.