Piggery Project

The See Them Grow Foundation has set up a piggery project to provide short-term solution to high increase pregnancy rate in Luuka district due to Covid 19 lockdown. As a result of Covid 19, many young girls aged 13 and 15 years were impregnated during the lock down. Most of these girls are likely to miss school next year 2022.

This project will:

  1. provide four projects to at least 150 unemployed students, women and men staying home during Covid 19 lockdown.
  2. Reduce by at least by 20% the proportion of female youths getting unwanted pregnancies through transactional and unprotected sexual practices.
  3. Support at least 100 young girls between ages 13-18 with self-employment
  4. Increase targeted household incomes by at least 80% by end of year 2020

However, this project still needs funding to enable us reach out to many teenage mothers who needs help. Donate here-

Build a school Campaign objective

Be part of the change and help us build a school to accommodate the needs and urgencies of a rural Luuka District in Eastern Uganda.

Earlier in 2018, a campaign was launched in St, Paul, Minnesota to raise $ 350,000 to break ground for foundations of various structures to be set up. These include Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary, Vocational, and Housing Structures, as well as a children’s playground, farm land and gardens, and an interactive learning centre.

We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all those who have donated and supported See Them Grow Foundation for this cause. We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the generous contributions and the amazing efforts spreading and sharing this campaign with your friends and families.

 With the funds raised, we have so far managed to purchase 10 acres of land to set the foundation of the building.  We acquired contractors and the master planned has been completed and approved by the legal district & government authorities. In March 2020, we will have the official ground-breaking ceremony to lay the first stone of the School Centre.

Phase I Brick laying- ONGOING

Sugar cane plantations have greatly and negatively impacted on the lives of the youths in Luuka district as shown in recent research data. As a way of empowering the youth with skills and knowledge, the STGF has embarked on promoting their lives with purposeful projects like brick-laying which is still an on-going activity at the STGF Land Site in Luuka. This activity has gotten the youths (girls and boys) fully active and has made the team on site more resourceful. On the other hand, they are able to make some money at the end of each week which improves on their income status and lowers dependency levels among families. These bricks will be used by See Them grow foundation to do Ground breaking come early 2020.

Timeline – October 2019- December 31st 2019

Costs for the first phase are currently estimated to be USD 12,000. 00

Phase II (0.44 acres) Construction of a Vocational Centre

Costs for the second phase are currently estimated to be USD 97,529.04

Phase III (0.33 acres) Construction of Pre-Primary School

Costs for the third phase are currently estimated to be USD 46,511.00

 Phase IV (0.65 acres) Construction of Primary School

 Costs for the fourth phase are currently estimated to be USD 389,940.00

 Phase V (0.78 acres) Construction of Secondary School

Costs for the fifth phase are currently estimated to be USD 585,640.00

 Phase VI (0.37 acres) Construction of Administration Block

Costs for the Sixth phase are currently estimated to be USD 620,152.00

We need your support!

We ask for your prayers for the success of this project. As a non-profit group, we rely on your generous donations and the power of social media to spread this cause. We hope to gain your continuous support for this fundraising campaign.
No one can do everything, but everyone can do something!