Fight Against Teenage Pregnancy in Eastern Uganda

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STGF’s mission is to improve the quality of life of Uganda’s youth through changing harmful norms that promote inequality, improve access to quality education, improved livelihoods and empower individuals and communities have better lives. The Foundation is currently concentrating its efforts in Luuka District, Eastern Uganda. 


Uganda, like the rest of the world is struggling with the challenges due to COVID-19. Markets have shut down, the economy is stalled, unemployment is rampant – leaving households struggling to feed their families. Schools, which have been safe spaces for girls, have been closed since its onset in efforts to curtail disease spread. All these stresses have resulted in a surge in adolescent pregnancy. According to a UNFPA report on teenage pregnancy in Uganda during and post Covid-19 lockdown Eastern Uganda (Busoga) had the highest reported cases with Luuka district alone reporting more than 600 cases. In the Buliisa district, teenage pregnancy stands between 25-30% of all adolescent girls.

Agriculture is the main economic activity in the district’s where STGF works, employing about 72% of the total labor force (formal and informal), 77% of whom are women, and 63% are youth. To assist families with safe work and curtail any additional pregnancies, STGF is developing 4 different small businesses in the region focused on raising pigs, rabbits, poultry, and chickens – selling their products and assisting them to generate ongoing income. The program will use the funds to:

1. Target 150 unemployed students, women and men staying home during Covid 19 lockdown to engage in one of the four programs.

2. Support at least 100 young girls between ages 13-18 with self-employment opportunities

Your support will help STGF implement these small businesses and foster unwanted youth pregnancies. Donate here-