The team at the See Them Grow Foundation is a group of highly dedicated and experienced individuals who are deeply committed to empowering and serving teenage mothers, youths, children, and people with disabilities in Luuka district. With a wealth of experience and a deep love for working with children, each team member approaches their work with passion and compassion, striving to make a positive impact in the lives of those they serve.

To the team at STGF, this work is more than just a job – it’s a calling. They are driven by a shared passion for serving and empowering unprivileged children, and for bringing hope to those in need. Their empathy and love for children shines through in everything they do, and it is evident in their unwavering commitment to excellence.

At the See Them Grow Foundation, our team members are more than just employees – they are a community of individuals who share a common goal and who work together to achieve it. With their expertise and experience, they bring a unique and valuable perspective to our mission, and they play a vital role in helping us reach our goals.

We are proud of our team and the work they do, and we believe that their passion and commitment are what sets the See Them Grow Foundation apart. If you share our vision and mission, and if you are interested in making a positive impact in the lives of those we serve, we encourage you to explore the opportunities available to join our team.

Enock ‘Kino’ Musoke
Enock ‘Kino’ Musoke
Public Relations and Communications Manager

Kino is an award-winning filmmaker who has been working in Africa for the past 10 years. In that time, he has worked with numerous organizations to accomplish goals such as brand visibility, fund’s acquisition, annual content reports and nailing their target market. That plethora of experience has enabled him to apply various modes of operation to give See Them Grow Foundation a step up above other organizations.

He is in charge of developing creative media to communicate our progress, challenges and programs to our supporters, donors and partner organizations through the various available platforms. Kino has been working with us since 2021 and we are excited to have him on our team.

Marie Corrazon
Marie Corrazon
Executive Director

Marie is a video producer, director and actor with over 8 years’ experience in video production. She is resourceful, creative and a problem solver that you can rely on. Marie is an enthusiastic individual with superior skills in both team based and independent capacities.

As a woman trying to make it in the film industry, she believes in telling compelling stories that cause impact and captivate the audience. By giving untold stories a platform, she aspires to inspire a new generation of story tellers.

Her passion for helping others has driven her dedicate herself to See Them Grow Foundation and the people it serves. She joined STGF in 2018 and has been an active member ever since. She has spearheaded multiple fundraising activities like donation drives, a fundraising car wash and actively uses her social media platforms to create awareness about our programs.

Charles Morgan Kisitu
Charles Morgan Kisitu
Founder, Director

Charles Morgan Kisitu– Is a dedicated founder of See Them Grow Foundation and owner of 1000 Shades of Green Tour & Safaris. The manifestation that is See Them Grow Foundation was inspired partly by his experience growing up as an orphan.

He received a scholarship and traveled to the United States of America to further his studies and earned a Bachelors degree of Arts in Business Administration, with a major in Entrepreneurship, from the University of St. Thomas, in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.

His enthusiasm for starting up an orphanage began while he was pursuing is degree at the University of St. Thomas Minnesota, USA.

He saw street children begging for food and It was heartbreaking to see something similar in the USA. This tapestry of experiences – as well as his education at the University of St. Thomas– was the foundation for the manifestation of a vision to establish See Them Grow Foundation. He is inherently adept and keen on meeting new people, loves God, traveling, learning about other cultures, languages and is passionate about helping the underprivileged.

Favorite Quote: “When you love people and have a desire to make a profound, positive impact upon the world, then you will have accomplished the meaning of life” Sasha Azevedo

Kamba Moses
Kamba Moses
Head of Business Development

As Regional Manager, Mr. Kamba provides overall coordination and leadership in the provision of technical assistance in health systems strengthening in five Mildmay Uganda supported districts.

Mr. Kamba has carried out clinical, managerial, training, administrative, and supervisory as well as consultancy roles in his practice.  He has ten years of managing HIV related development projects at senior management level locally and overseas six of which, as Regional Manager.

Mr. Kamba holds a Master of Science Degree in Occupational Therapy (University of Exeter in the United Kingdom) and a post-graduate diploma in project planning and management (Makerere University) and several certificates in community health, management and leadership and HIV programming.

Dennis Akuze Naika
Dennis Akuze Naika
Head of Strategic Information

Dennis Naika joined STGF in 2019. He is a compassionate and dedicated Monitoring and Evaluation specialist from the prestigious Makerere University with a degree in Development Studies and postgraduate from Uganda Management Institute in Monitoring and Evaluation.

He is responsible for strengthening and systematizing the M&E portfolio. He has over ten years of experience in Community development, leadership, and social enterprises. His experience and education has helped him to develop a comprehensive view of the productivity process including how to accurately measure progress beyond simply reporting numbers.

He is recognized for having a unique understanding of how to identify areas outperforming expectations as well as those that need improvement.

Mugala Fazirah Barbara
Mugala Fazirah Barbara
Projects Cordinator

Meet our Programs Coordinator Miss. Mugala Fazirah Barbara, a young lady but a very vital resource among the young generation in Uganda today! The passion she has towards seeing a learned young generation and the commitment displayed makes her the best potential therein.

She went to Wanyange Girls’ Secondary School in Jinja district for her Ordinary Studies and joined Merryland High School-Entebbe for High School. With excellent results, she joined one of the best public universities in Uganda-Mbarara University of Science and Technology located in Western Uganda. Here, she earned a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Gender and Applied Women Health.

She has had various Training in Public Health and Service Delivery-getting equipped with skills and knowledge about children, women’s health and gender concerns affecting population health.

She is reliable, ready to help a person with good ability to communicate with people of different ages. Her greatest values are ‘Team Work’ and ‘Collective Reasoning.’

We are grateful to have you at See Them Grow Foundation!

Mr. Dagira David
Mr. Dagira David
Community Mobliser Luuka District

Mr. Dagira David is a family man with great commitment to Community Health and Social Work Practices in both urban and rural areas. Because Uganda is made of multiple tribes, the 30 years’ experience he has in this field has availed him to learn many languages as well as acquire dynamic knowledge and skills related to service delivery among community members, a trait very crucial in carrying out effective mobilization activities at all levels of development.

It is our pleasure to have you on See Them Grow Foundation Team. We hope to learn more from you surely as we advance on this journey of development together.