Weyigule Denis is a progressive staff of See Them Grow Foundation based in Luuka district, coordinating Global G.L.O.W program, vocational and youth, skilling teenage mothers and persons with disabilities. Based on his career and profession attained at Kampala university, that is, a Diploma in both computer science and information technology, bachelor’s degree in business computing, Denis takes an extra hand in training the teenage mothers with digital marketing skills to support them through emarketing of their products from vocational training.

As a resident of Luuka, Denis sees a stepping stone for his community members, particularly the teenage mothers, youth and persons with disabilities, through the fully sponsored courses they under take, to change their lives, nation and the world at large, something he striving for everyday.

Through his team work, coperation and integrity, he looks forward everyday to influence positive change, especially in the social and economic welfare of fellow youth through guidance and cancelling, which is partly why See Them Grow Foundation exists.