Meet our Programs Coordinator Miss. Mugala Fazirah Barbara, a young lady but a very vital resource among the young generation in Uganda today! The passion she has towards seeing a learned young generation and the commitment displayed makes her the best potential therein.

She went to Wanyange Girls’ Secondary School in Jinja district for her Ordinary Studies and joined Merryland High School-Entebbe for High School. With excellent results, she joined one of the best public universities in Uganda-Mbarara University of Science and Technology located in Western Uganda. Here, she earned a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Gender and Applied Women Health.

She has had various Training in Public Health and Service Delivery-getting equipped with skills and knowledge about children, women’s health and gender concerns affecting population health.

She is reliable, ready to help a person with good ability to communicate with people of different ages. Her greatest values are ‘Team Work’ and ‘Collective Reasoning.’

We are grateful to have you at See Them Grow Foundation!