Marvin Vincent Apira is a Ugandan American born and raised from the rural village of Pawor in the then Arua district and now new Madi Okollo District in the West Nile Region of Northern Uganda now living in Dallas, Texas USA.

He is a Business Executive; President of MoneyVenture Logistics, Inc. CEO NYAICO Holdings, Ltd, Chairman,MoonLight Venture(U) Ltd, Executive Vice President DMD Petroleum, Inc. to mention but a few.

He is Africa’s Brand Ambassador of Cure 4 Humanity Inc, a silicon Valley Company with a number of Clean Technologies for global solutions such as Clean Power generation using Magnetic field(DMIGs), Clean Water sourcing, Affordable Housing, Food Production, Municipal solid Waste Conversion technologies to; Power generation, Fuel and Fertilizer Production among other technologies.

Marvin holds an Exclusivity Rights of sale in E. Africa of the Hydrogen 25 Generator technology that reduces fuel consumption in any engine by 40-50% .

He has 15 years + Experience in the NonProfit sector Management working with Churches within DFW Metroplex to integrate disadvantaged peoples such as Refugees and empower them through Education, Skills development and Job sourcing in Texas State . He founded Alliance for Forgotten Children Uganda, Inc an Organization registered in the State of Texas as a Non Profit and has supported Education of Children in Uganda.

Marvin worked as Uganda’s National Secretary General for the Junior Chamber of Commerce, commonly known as the “Jaycees. Inspired by their creedal affirmation that states”Service to humanity is the best work of life”, he has since continued transforming communities everywhere he has lived through service. For Instance he set up a Refugee Support Center in the Vickery meadows area since 2004 still serving as the linkage between DFW churches and refugee Communities arriving with the help of Fellowship Bible Church and Lake Highlands Church and other Churches for Skills development, Social support, Education within the Dallas
Community Colleges and employment access.

Marvin’s deep understanding of global Multicultural dynamics continues to help him offer meaningful and sustainable solutions and Interventions to both the business and Boards of the Nonprofit sector. He serves as the Advisory Board Member of Karaolmurani, Inc a 501(c)3 Organization supporting sexually abused Children in Kenya.

Marvin is the Bunyoro Kingdom Ambassador in the United States and a Patron of Bunyoro Kitara Reparation Association(BUKITAREPA) since 2014 He is educated, traveled and exposed with an enriched passion for transforming communities through strategic Partnerships and sustainable solutions especially for the vulnerable Youth and Women wherever they live.