See Them Grow Foundation is dedicated to providing an education center that will offer immediate access to free, high quality, education to all children in Uganda. The center will provide unique educational programs to generations of students, dedicating ourselves to making a difference in the lives of Ugandan families. Each child will benefit from a personalized educational plan that caters to his or her needs, interests, and abilities.

Among the programs See Them Grow Foundation would like to implement is to develop a learning center. The learning center encompasses political, economic, social, emotional and cultural aspects of an individual. The beneficiaries are the children, youths, and adults of Luuka district and surrounding communities. We aim to develop and construct a practical learning center for all persons. Disabled children, youths and adults like the lame, blind, crippled, deaf are completely not catered for in the entire district programs and facilities set up. Therefore, we are at the fore front in bringing this category on board so that they too, can enjoy not only their rights as human beings or as children to their full measures but also incorporate in their daily lives sustainably.

The learning center has divisions of academic department, vocational department, ICT department, children’s department, universal/resource center or library and sports and games department. The academic department run following the Ugandan current pre-primary, primary and secondary curriculum. Adult education will be integrated with the demands of individuals and community needs. Vocational department majorly engines skills initiation and development. Universal library or resource center will be divided into children’s section, vocational skills section, culture and development, general knowledge, academic section, sustainable agriculture, equipment stores, sharing hall for children’s parliament and historical section.

An active, vibrant and sustainable society


A place that introduces, re-enforces and expands student, people-learning.
To provide access to learning material
Peer learning centre
Improve learning experience
Integrate a more inclusive and more responsible study approach
Equip practical skills in persons for sustainable living
Develop children’s ideas and give them plat forms/opportunities to practice newly acquired skills
To awaken career ideas and possibilities


Improved knowledge and skills among persons
Independently sustaining children and children with disabilities
Improved written and oral English language among persons
A community able to find opportunities in problems

Provide holistic learning and training for skills development
Construction of structures
Human resource deployment