Luuka is one of the remotest districts in Eastern Uganda with high levels of poverty, low school achievement and gender disparities in health and education, especially for girls. Schoolgirls from low-income families have faced many challenges one of them being menstrual hygiene management (lack of products and services, use of unhygienic materials) to manage their menses. Girls have resorted to transactional with men for money to buy pads.

STGF wishes to set up a reusable sanitary pad plant that aims to improve health through enhanced access to free, affordable reusable sanitary pads to 35,000 vulnerable rural adolescent girls in the Luuka district and to help the community with recovery from COVID 19 pandemic and positive response. The project will increase school retention rates, performance among vulnerable schoolgirls in 20 schools and 150 women. STGF will set up a production plant for reusable sanitary towels and interventions that will help households recover from COVID19. We need to raise USD 49,528 to be able to address 3 major issues namely:

  • Poor menstrual hygiene management among vulnerable rural adolescent girls in Luuka district.
  • Poor access to sanitary towels by rural adolescent girls in Luuka district
  • Low-income levels in the targeted community Menstrual hygiene management are an essential aspect of hygiene for women and adolescent girls. Proper menstrual hygiene management is a major component in SDG 3, 4 and 5.

We believe that education about menstruation, hygiene, as well as the provision of inexpensive products, are essential. Please  Donate here- towards this project or send us an email at  for more details.